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How to Select Art to Enhance Your Personal Style

How to Select Art to Enhance Your Personal Style

Does finding the right piece of art overwhelm you?

Jackie and I decided to shoot a video to discuss one of the all-time issues that people are constantly talking about: art.

Home owners often don’t know where to start or what to look for and we deal with this on a daily basis.
Here are some of the common questions we get are:

  1. What size should the artwork be?
  2. How big of a piece should one get?
  3. Where does one start?
  4. Where to find the perfect colour that will enhance a space the best

In this video, we show a piece of art that we love because of its colour, visual texture and how it naturally moves.

Find out how this one piece can draw out all kinds of different colour perspectives, depending on which accent colour is chosen.

Watch below for tips on how to find the perfect piece of art and what size it should be.

Do you struggle with finding art for your home? Contact us to help you with this daunting task!