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How to Inspire Your Room Design with an Inspiration Piece

Red and white vase

Are you ready to take on redecorating a room?

Knowing where to start can sometimes be the biggest challenge. I love the idea of working with an inspiration piece. Do you have a piece that “speaks” to you?

Using that piece makes pulling a room together fast and easy! After reading this article, you will have learned more about how an inspiration piece can help you create the room of your dreams.

What makes the perfect inspiration piece?

Usually it’s something you are drawn to. Something that you may be secretly obsessed with. It can be anything you love like a pillow, scarf, rug, ream of fabric, or piece of art. Or perhaps you found a magazine picture of a room whose style you’d like to match.

With an inspiration piece as your guide, it makes the process of designing a room simple.

Next, look closely at the elements of your inspiration piece to discover the colours, patterns, textures, and feeling that it evokes for you.

Colours: are the colours neutral, bright, or subdued? What are the top 3 colours you like from this piece? Be sure to pick one main colour and a couple of complementary shades for your colour palette.

Patterns: does it have floral or stripes? Is the design small or bold in scale?

Textures: is it sleek and smooth, rustic, shiny, soft, or metallic?

Feeling: what is the overall feel of your piece? Does the piece make you feel happy and energized, calm and restful, elegant and regal, or energized and fun?

Now give your style a fun name.

Is it contemporary, modern, traditional, classic, southwestern, Victorian, country, shabby chic, arts and crafts, Asian, tropical, eclectic, French, Mediterranean, Moroccan, transitional, western, sports, or a style that is all your own?

Create a Design Board that maps out the main style elements you’d like to use from your inspiration piece. This can feature pictures colours, textures, fabrics and pieces that fit the look and feel you are trying to create.

Now it’s time to go shopping using your inspiration piece to guide your decisions. Write a list of major pieces you’d like to buy for the room. Look for window coverings that fit within your theme.

Next choose paint colours and accent colors that you have pulled from your inspiration piece. Then select accents such as pillows, artwork, lamps, throws, and decorative accents that evoke the feeling you are looking for.

That’s it!

Working with an inspiration piece makes it easy to define your style, create a plan, and select the perfect pieces to create a room you’ll love.

Have fun creating a beautiful space you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Share below what your favourite inspirational piece is!