It is my pleasure to recommend the services of Designing Spacez. I met Janet Voth at a "Home Show" early in 2009. She was a delightful and cheerful Lady to talk to and I immediately was at ease discussing 'future needs' in staging of my residence For Sale.

I later (about 6 weeks) contracted Designing Spacez and Janet Voth to discuss staging of my residence. Janet and her assistant Jackie Bulbeck came to my residence, we chatted and laughed, and then these two Ladies set about analyzing my residence. After a room by room investigation, they gave me a written report detailing room by room recommendations that would be easy to rectify and still be 'low budget'. They also gave me some ideas to increase my outdoor "curb appeal", a very important factor. Most of their recommendations have now been instituted, and our residence will soon be "For Sale".

In the meantime, I contracted Designing Spacez, Janet & Jackie, to Stage my new two bedroom Condo which I had recently purchased and now have for Lease. After a brief discussion, with laughter and fun discussions, I gave them permission to 'use their good judgement" keeping in mind budgetary restraints, in type of furniture and associated wall hangings, cabinets & artwork, lights, drapes, colours. When I first visited Condo after staging, it was a WOW, WOW, WOW.  It was like a magical transformation. Open, bright, co-ordinated, practical and eye catching....and most of all, within budget.

If you are thinking about "staging" your property, please consider Designing Spacez with Janet & Jackie. You will enjoy their openness, fun approach and be immediately at ease. They have a 'keen eye' and sense of what potential customers are looking for and can certainly give your property that "All important First Impression" as well as "Curb Appeal". I also checked out their work before I agreed to their services, and I was impressed. Guess who got the job of 'staging' my residences?

Please feel free to ask Janet or Jackie to view my 'I Like London" Condo, you will be impressed.

A happy and respectful home & condo owner.

Ralph Dowson

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